Video: The Deal - 2011 US Budget Debate

This is really how I felt about the budget debate going on last week. They were toying with change but they were agitating the whole nation. People were worrying. This was shot for my Moving Media class, which is really about personal exploration of video. If you wanted to classify it, it would go under fine art.

I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. Even the music was right for the video and I was able to get that climax at the end match with the book falling. Nice! Feel free to leave your feedback and comments. They're always appreciated.

Thanks to Pardalis from Looperman.com for an awesome soundtrack.

Lakeshore Brush Fire

As I was leaving my place I noticed large black smoke not so far away. The light bulb went off and I headed that way to at least check it out. It appeared to be very large brush fire near Buck Pond in Greece, NY. Over five fire houses responded to the scene.

As I got closer to the scene, a police officer was rushing public further away from the trucks. This is where I thought I'll get screwed. Little did I know. As I chatted with the officer and asked her if media could get closer, she made a phone call and then let me go near fire trucks. When she asked me who I was with I thought it will be over, but freelancer didn't really bug her at all. I got lucky that she let me in, otherwise I wouldn't be able to shoot much.

One way I shot myself in the foot the night before, I didn't check out 70-200 that I usually have on me. So the longest lens I had at my disposal was the Canon 135mm f/2. It did it's job well! Though I wasn't able to get closer shots, the ones I did get came out pretty good.

I spent there somewhere around 4 hours. Really enjoyed shooting it, it was fun. I even got contact information from several fire departments to possibly do ride-alongs with them. Now that's going to be cool. Hope you enjoy this set. Feedback and comments always appreciated.


Men's Tennis: RIT vs. Alfred

I needed a Canon camera that shot video for the weekend, as I had to work on a video project for one of my classes. However, after I checked my equipment in and waited an hour to be able to check it out again all Canon cameras were gone. My only choice was to get a Nikon camera. So today was my first time shooting with Nikon D300 and 24-100mm lens.

Frankly, that camera has more buttons than a space shuttle. It's very cluttered compared to Canon cameras. Maybe I am biased a bit to Canon as I've always shot with it, but there's no reason to have a billion buttons. Also, the user interface is confusing. It can be simplified, made more friendly. Plus, what really got to me was the Nikon lens. The zoom ring was in front of the focusing ring. That's just stupid.  Photographers rely on autofocus a lot more than they did back in the day. So zoom ring is used a lot more often than the focusing ring. I kept changing my focus when I needed to zoom in or out, it was annoying as hell. BUT, I will say this, the white balance was more accurate on D300 than on my D50. That warm rendering of colors in D50 is slowly starting to piss me off, but the controls are awesome on it.

But, I still got some good shots with Nikon camera, nevertheless. It was an experience, which I don't want to repeat. I love my Canons, they are easy to use, simple interface, and great quality (especially 5D Mark II).

I'm trying to get better at shooting sports. It's something I've only recently began shooting. So far, I've shot swimming, hockey, and now tennis.

Feedback and comments always appreciated!


Battle of the Bands

I've decided to restart Novus Lux and post my current work. Viktor's Blog will be solely for new media, including social media, blogging, personal brand, and journalism. I hope you will enjoy both blogs.

The 3rd annual Breezeway Battle of the Bands event, hosted at RIT's Clark Gym, pits bands from RIT and Rochester area against each other in a winner-takes-all format. The profits from the event will benefit the  Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall camps. APRIL 8, 2011.

Dan Curran, security guard for the Genier Agency, discusses some of the upcoming events on the RIT campus with his colleagues, Bob Harrison (left) and Quentin Livingston, before the start of the Breezeway Battle of the Bands event. 4/8/2011.

The audio and video equipment required for events on the RIT campus is set up by the RIT Tech Crew. Patrick Church, 4th year mechanical engineering technology, is setting up audio equipment for the Breezeway Battle of the Bands, which he will operate during the event. 4/08/11.

Tika Siburt (left), 3rd year biomed photography major, and Sarah Cristea, 3rd year biology major, are dancing at the Breezeway Battle of the Bands at Clark Gym as Nasty Habit plays on stage. 04/08/11.

Tommy Ende, the lead singer of Nasty Habit, sings during the Breezeway Battle of the Bands event. Nasty Habit went on to win the competition. 04/08/11.

Nasty Habit finished playing and is packing up their equipment to let the next band set their stuff up during the Breezeway Battle of the Bands at Clark Gym on RIT campus. 04/08/11.