Lakeshore Brush Fire

As I was leaving my place I noticed large black smoke not so far away. The light bulb went off and I headed that way to at least check it out. It appeared to be very large brush fire near Buck Pond in Greece, NY. Over five fire houses responded to the scene.

As I got closer to the scene, a police officer was rushing public further away from the trucks. This is where I thought I'll get screwed. Little did I know. As I chatted with the officer and asked her if media could get closer, she made a phone call and then let me go near fire trucks. When she asked me who I was with I thought it will be over, but freelancer didn't really bug her at all. I got lucky that she let me in, otherwise I wouldn't be able to shoot much.

One way I shot myself in the foot the night before, I didn't check out 70-200 that I usually have on me. So the longest lens I had at my disposal was the Canon 135mm f/2. It did it's job well! Though I wasn't able to get closer shots, the ones I did get came out pretty good.

I spent there somewhere around 4 hours. Really enjoyed shooting it, it was fun. I even got contact information from several fire departments to possibly do ride-alongs with them. Now that's going to be cool. Hope you enjoy this set. Feedback and comments always appreciated.