Men's Tennis: RIT vs. Alfred

I needed a Canon camera that shot video for the weekend, as I had to work on a video project for one of my classes. However, after I checked my equipment in and waited an hour to be able to check it out again all Canon cameras were gone. My only choice was to get a Nikon camera. So today was my first time shooting with Nikon D300 and 24-100mm lens.

Frankly, that camera has more buttons than a space shuttle. It's very cluttered compared to Canon cameras. Maybe I am biased a bit to Canon as I've always shot with it, but there's no reason to have a billion buttons. Also, the user interface is confusing. It can be simplified, made more friendly. Plus, what really got to me was the Nikon lens. The zoom ring was in front of the focusing ring. That's just stupid.  Photographers rely on autofocus a lot more than they did back in the day. So zoom ring is used a lot more often than the focusing ring. I kept changing my focus when I needed to zoom in or out, it was annoying as hell. BUT, I will say this, the white balance was more accurate on D300 than on my D50. That warm rendering of colors in D50 is slowly starting to piss me off, but the controls are awesome on it.

But, I still got some good shots with Nikon camera, nevertheless. It was an experience, which I don't want to repeat. I love my Canons, they are easy to use, simple interface, and great quality (especially 5D Mark II).

I'm trying to get better at shooting sports. It's something I've only recently began shooting. So far, I've shot swimming, hockey, and now tennis.

Feedback and comments always appreciated!